The Mammal Society - Web Development

The following page details some of the website work I have carried out for The Mammal Society.

Version 2

I have now created another website for The Mammal Society; the site I provided - detailed below - was an interim solution to combat the spat of hacking episodes on their old Joomla website. Since the job needed to be finished asap, it was based on the content of their static old site. It was always their wish to provide a more dynamic site, but time didn't allow for these luxuries.

During the summer of 2013 I was working with The Mammal Society to produce a more dynamic site that would provide their users with a "modern" feel. This was completed in September 2013 and can be seen below. 

The Mammal Society

Version 1

The Mammal Society were using an old Joomla CMS system that had not been updated for years, and as such, was starting to develop a number of security issues - The site was regularly being hacked by a militant religious group. Since The Mammal Society have no in-house site developers they asked me to redevelop their site to give it "a modern feel to help engage members".

The re-development started August 2012, and was completed by September 2012. For this I used the Drupal 7 content management system (CMS). Click on the following picture to be redirected to the site:

The Mammal Society

Along with the site I was also awarded a rolling contract to both maintain the site and deal with any technical issues within The Mammal Society.