amarok_xml_lcd interface



Amarok_XML_LCD is a ruby script that enables data from Amarok to be displayed on an LCD screen using LCDproc, the LCD - Liquid crystal display - daemon, more information on LCDproc can be found on the LCDproc home page.


The script initialises several different screen that represent different states of the Amarok engine and displays these screen on the LCD depending on the state of Amarok. Each of the screens are fully user configurable, using a simply XML configuration file the user can edit the on-screen widgets to their choice.


Along with widgets the user also has access to a host of Amarok DCOP commands that allow data to be retrieved from the Amarok engine. and dynamically displayed on the display.


Current Version  

Amarok_XML_LCD v0.1  

  • version v1.0 pending release - end of Feb 09 - Inc. Amarok 2 support - further details to follow.
  • Release date : 29/10/08


Not much to add at the moment... Although the script design was started before the announcement of Amarok 2 so watch this space... 

  • Support for large numbers, support for icons;
  • Support for more special widgets;
  • Make title bars special updatable widgets;
  • Edit the idle/stopped implementation with regards to being displayed in the foreground.


The .tar file comes with all documentation enclosed, alternatively, it can be viewed online or saved as a pdf  

HTML manual  
Downloadable pdf manual  

In due course a message board will be set up to answer general questions regarding the use of Amarok_XML_LCD.  





release of v1.0 - Amarok 2 support
release of v0.1


Screen Shots

Watch this space  


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