Home Weather Station

I always wanted a home based weather station, and so this Christmas (2013) I decided to get one. I purchased the PCE-FWS 20 from Maplin. The kit allows me to measure the following

• Indoor/outdoor temperature (°C or °F)
• Wind speed and direction (mph or kmh)
• Self emptying rain gauge (mm or inches)
• Indoor / outdoor humidity
• Barometer pressure with trends

The monitor included with the kit includes a USB interface to allow the data from the station to be viewed on a PC using the provided Windows software, however, I was never going to run Windows just for this, so I soon found the Fine Offset Weather Station Reader - fowsr - tool that enables this data to be queried drectly from the command line. Along with a  cronjob, I managed to to get this data inserted into my database thus allowing it to be viewed online. 

Currently I am working on a sensor platform that will allow this data to be viewed and queried via the web... watch this space... - see drupal sensors for further information, the following is a little snapshot:



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