Telematic device - Driver Terminal


The telematic device is to be mounted within the removal vehicle's cab and incorporates both a General packet radio service (GPRS) and Global positioning system (GPS) modules. The telematic device itself is built around a development board featuring a Samsung S3C6410 processor based on an ARM 11 core. This development kit also includes a 7 inch TFT touch-screen.

These hardware modules combined with a custom built Linux operating system allow the telematic device to track the current vehicle position using the GPS module, and then forward this data, via a GPRS connection, to a central server where it can be accessed by the customer. The telematic device also allows the driver of the vehicle to communicate with the customer safely and efficiently whilst the vehicle is on the move using a "driver terminal" to control the additional functionality of the GPRS module, e.g. phone and sms.

System specification
Processor: Samsung S3C6410 feat. ARM 11 core, up to 667MHz
Memory: 128MB Mobile DDR SDRAM, 266MHz
  256MB NAND Flash
  2MB NOR Flash
Operating system: Linux custom built system based on uClibc and Busybox
Graphical interface: OPIE
Additional features:  
GPS Module Motorola Oncore M13 GPS module
GPRS Module SimCom sim300 GPRS module


Level 0 data-flow diagram for the telematic device.