Getting started with the CC2530 and Contiki

​So, I've been meaning to have a play with Contiki, "The Open Source OS for the Internet of Things", for some time now. The main issue I've had is the cost and availability of suitable modules and a development platform. The problem with some platforms is that the modules they provide are either too expensive, or are not suitable for deployment, either due to price or construction.


Building C8051FXXXX applications on Linux

As part of my Masters we are doing a Mixed Signal Processing module where we are using the C8051F120 microcontroller to process basic mixed signal functions. In the labs we have been given the C8051F120DK development kit from Silicon Labs which includes the Silicon Labs IDE. Developing with this on Linux was a real pain since I had to run the IDE through a Windows XP VirtualBox install, and that wouldn't do!


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