Sensors Platform

I've recently been working on a platform that allows data from sensors to be recorded and displayed to a user. The main idea came when I started accumulating a range of sensors monitoring elements around my home. These sensors included energy consumtion monitors and a weather station, with plans to introduce a number of other monitoring devices. In order to understand the data from these devices I needed it presented in a meaningful and succinct way. 

I previously had some experience developing modules for the drupal content management platform and so, naturally, this was the platform I choose. 

After many months developing this, in between coursework, exams and house renovations, it is getting close to being ready for its first release. The project is currently hosted on my drupal sandbox page, with some screenshots of what is to come below.

The main sensors module provides facilities to store and manage data from various sensors in the main drupal database and allows the user to organise these sensors by connecting multiple sensors to a single device instance, such as a particular sensor gateway device. I have extended the module even further by creating a sub-module that allows charts to be generated for the data, this still needs a bit of work but it is certainly coming together. The links on the left of this page show the basic sensors module in action.

You can follow this projects progress by viewing the sensors issue list.

Watch this space...



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