Driver's Terminal


The driver terminal is used by the driver whilst on the road and is located on the telematic device. This terminal allows the driver to perform some of the objective tasks, such as contacting the customer by phone or predefined SMS message. It will also present the driver with their current location along with information regarding local weather and traffic conditions.

The drivers terminal was created using a combination of HTML for the graphical interface with PHP for the additional functionality including sending a pre-defined SMS, calling the customer etc.. The driver of the vehicle is able to control the driver terminal using the 7 inch TFT touch-screen, and it is due to this that the driver is able to contact the customer in a safe and efficient manner.

Driver terminal specification

Interface: HTML controlled using 7 inch touchscreen
Additional functionality:  
  PHP used to call GPRS control programs


Level 0 data-flow diagram for the telematic device showing the data-flow between various processes and the driver terminal