Steven Swann

An enthusiastic, self motivated graduate electronic engineer committed to developing a career in computer systems design with a particular interest in embedded Linux systems.

During my final year project at university I was responsible for the design and development of an embedded ARM based tracking and central server system that enabled customers of a small removal firm, swannremovals, to track their goods whilst in transit. Further details of this can be found by clicking final year project link above.

I have a particular interest in embedded system and server development as well as creating bespoke information systems using a variety of tools and technologies.

I also have experience in programming in a number of different languages and platforms as detailed in my CV, and have a solid knowledge of computer architecture. As such, I am a versatile computer programmer, able to learn new languages and systems rapidly.

Contact details and CV

I am generally found lurking in a number of IRC channels on the freenode network, in particular, the "#opie" and "#cross-lfs" rooms.


My CV is generally available here.





swannonline has been online now for approximately 10 years in one form or another. The domain name 'swannonline.co.uk' was first registered on 22nd February 2006.

The site has changed quite a bit in this time as can be seen from the images below.


The general design of swannonline is my own, however, I have used a number of external scripts to provide additional functionality, most notably, the Drupal 7 Content management system (CMS), along with:


  • I have recently started using fengoffice to organise various projects.

  • phpbb3

    I also use the phpbb script to organise development notes and various other bits of information.